Friday, August 27, 2010

     So what are everyone's thoughts on the building of a mosque in new york?
I want to hear from some people who truly oppose it and actually have reasons to oppose it.
Good legitimate reasons, not simply stating. Oh they are terrorists.

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  1. Not really on the topic of movies, now is it? Well, maybe one in the making. :)

    I'm not in support, but I'm not against it. It's New York. Real estate isn't exactly a limitless resource. I'm sure if there was a better spot, they'd put it a few more blocks away, but it is simply practical: There's space open, and they need space.

    Of course, their belief system has inherent flaws, much like all belief systems, and no church (or mosque or whatever) should really be taking up space in inner cities where there could be much better things going into place, community centers, perhaps, or an office building to help make up for the lost towers.

    I mean, they aren't asking to build their skyscraper on the Ground Zero plot itself (you guys should really do something with that empty space), but even that, hey, Freedom Of (And Freedom From) Religion, as long as they ain't screwing you over, don't screw them over. Not all catholics are pedos, and not all islamics are terrorists.