Saturday, September 4, 2010

"A" to "B," and "B" to "C,"

    I did not expect a good movie going into watching this. But I was hoping for something that would at least have a good shock value and disturb me.

Knowing this the movie was absolute shit as you have most likely heard. It is sad as well as the concept of this movie had absolutely fantastic potential. The first thing being get better main actors. I understand that it's a horror and only so much can be done with screaming and running around. But not only did I not like the main characters I absolutely hated the 2 dumb bitches. They make bad decisions all throughout, but that's typical in horror movies, so I'll let it slide.

Dieter laser is an amazing actor and did very well for this role, but Tom six simply squandered his talent and made his character very shallow and one sided. Despite this he still stole the show having very little competition.

I feel like as they made this film they thought the idea they had was so fucked up that they then toned down the movie and tried to "clean it up". I feel like the movie would have been nearly the same if there was only 1 person Dr. Heiter experimented on and turned into his slave. They most definitely didn't milk the concept of a "human centipede" enough or the digestive tract problems which are only really mentioned in one or two scenes.

I could go on for another hour on all the problems that this movie had and all the horrible screenplay choices that were made that just make you think "what were they thinking when they wrote this?" But I'll leave it at that.

Overall I feel like they could have made the movie a lot darker and grittier as it did not disgust or shock me in the slightest. With a better director this movie could have been amazing. I give it a
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